About Big Joe Productions

Big Joe Productions is a Central Coast based Production Company that creates short films and promotional material.

Big Joe Productions always goes above and beyond to provide the best customer service, quality end products and most importantly open and honest communication with clients to make sure they get what they want out of a promotional video.

We are also passionate about storytelling and will always put the quality of the film and its story before anything else, this philosophy is reflected in the awards the company has won over the years.

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Photo Galery

Wez Debono, Joseph Goodwin, Ameigh Hunter and Tim Hoolihan shooting on the makeshift set of 'Good Spirit'.

Joseph Goodwin, Tommy Goods, Tim Hoolihan, Dominic Jones, Dan Alimos, James Marino, Caitlin Healy and Sharne Allen on the set of 'Car Troubles'.

Joseph Goodwin, Ameigh Hunter and Wez Debono during the B2B Drone Film Festival where 'Good Spirit' was first screened.

Joseph Goodwin directing on the set of 'Transfer'.

Joseph Goodwin and Tommy Goods holding the AIT OSCAR for best screenplay, won by the short film 'Car Troubles'.

Nathan Benjamin, James Gitto, Joseph Goodwin and Rachel Turnbul after 'Transfer' won the 2017 AIT Oscar for Best Music Video.

Joseph Goodwin exploring the interior of Gosford Town Centre for Town Centre Docco.