Welcome to the Blog!


Big Joe Productions recently overwent a branding overhaul. As well as a new logo and a new website, we now also have a fully functional blog! We will be posting about once a fortnight and here's what you can expect to see here:

Big Joe Productions is still a growing business, we intend to do a lot of improving and the best way to do that is to work on more projects and apply to competitions. On this blog we will discuss our successes, our defeats and give general info on the goings on of the business.

The film industry is changing nearly every day, as members of the industry Big Joe Productions will relay the interesting stuff to you, from new movies to new technology and even behind the scenes info on large productions.

Creating movies is one of the most fun and fulfilling hobbies one could have, however most people see the huge production sets and decide that filmmaking is out of their reach, Big Joe Productions knows that this is not the case. Whether it's filming on a budget, editing from portable devices or trying to work out which product will serve you best, Big Joe Productions will offer tutorials and advice to beginners.

It's hard to tell exactly which direction this blog will go in the future, however just like in our film endeavours we will be doing everything in our power to bring you the best quality content that we can. Thank you for all your support for Big Joe Productions and we will see you in the next post.